Why Precast Processes Favored For Refractory Product Manufacture

Refractive product manufacture takes into account an extensive list of industries working and manufacturing with aluminum, cement and steel. Refractive product manufacture is also a solution for thermo-processing industries. Ready-made refractory products for aluminum foundry works, as well as steel and cement works can be prepared and inventoried in advance of customer requirements and processing orders.

Precast manufacturing processes are much preferred by manufacturers and clients alike. Let’s highlight some of the many reasons why precast processes are favored above others for the manufacture of refractory products. The precast shapes formed contain more favorable properties than casting alternatives. The precast product is also longer lasting, lasting longer than steel castings as well.

And the precast manufacturing process takes place in a controlled environment. All precast shapes are correctly and completely dried. All precast shapes can be zoned in accordance with clients’ specifications. The installation process is fast and drying times have been reduced as well. And when these are necessary, repair work is a lot easier too. The manufacturing technician removes the precast shape.

refractory products for aluminum foundry

After repairs are completed, the technician can then re-install the shape in less time than the other casting alternatives, including that of brick. All in all, maintenance costs, and downtime, are reduced in favor of the client. Mechanical reliabilities have been improved as well. Now, when preparing steel fibers as castings, wire is reinforced into a casting lead. This process by one manufacturer led to the development of the registered trademark SIFCA, otherwise known as the slurry infiltrated fiber castable process.

This process has led to the ability to produce precast shapes at high volumes. There is also the capacity to deliver to industrial clients precast shapes weighing as high as thirty thousand pounds!